Backend ethics – seriously

For last few days, i am getting emails from my project manager to complete the API integration with UI. But I’m stuck.

I don’t want to complain about my work load etc but this one is really bad. The APIs are not developer friendly at all.

There is no documentation, no swagger, no postman collection. Nothing. Not even a simple email suggesting the url, method name and expected payloads etc.

I have to figure out. But how, i don’t have access to your backend code. And I can’t try out millions of possibilities of the query params and url params. Forget about the validation.

Although this is not an organisation level project but still it is giving me nightmares and I want to integrate it by any means possible. The only way I have is persuasion.

So Devs, if you are working on APIs. Develop it for human beings. Have a documentation, use simple verbs, maintain consistency.

Otherwise you will see another frontend dev like me wining about it.

That’s it. Have a good day 👍

Published by Shailendra Ahir

Programmer, Author

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