Penguins of Madagascar!!

Where is my analysis Kowalski?

So, we are talking about the penguins here. I like their characters so much. It is just a movie and all fake but It teaches us so much.

I will start with the adorable one – Private. Little soldier accompanying the gang everywhere they go. He is like the baby Groot. but baby Groot is stubborn. Private got the optimistic vision and he believes in things that a child will believe. He is a little kid anyway.

Next comes the Storage guy, we call him Rico. He is rough, He is quick and a Yogi who doesn’t care much about this world. He likes to eat and I suppose he can eat literally anything. Some people say he is a dark hole 😉 He plays the role of the provider in need to the gang. Be it food or weapons or just imagine it. And yeah, He does not talk much.

Third one is Engineer/Problem solver and the scientist. He has invented things that many prominent scientist dream to achieve. Just like all the major scientists and researchers He could be from Israel or Russia. I like him a lot because after all, He is an engineer just like me. Hey Kowalski.

Behold, for the king. bold, confident and kind – Skipper. Just like his name, He skips a lot of drama and have do it already attitude. Thinking twice is not his way. He does what he wants to do. He leads the team and with his will power, and team spirit they always succeed. well most of the times.

Bill me 😉

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