Pro tip: How to handle the invitations where you do not want to go?

In many cases, we get the invitation, and we do not want to go there. The reason could be anything. But sometimes we do not have a choice to not go there.

So in this case, do something which makes the host himself revoke the invitation. Just annoy him.

The recent example is, India and Pakistan at SCO meeting. India does not really cares about Pakistan and its existence. And Pakistan does not want to recognize India as a leader in the region. But India is forced to send the invitation to Pakistan as it is a member state and India is hosting it.

So it was like India does not want to invite, Pakistan do not want to go.

Pakistanis came up with a clever solution. They released a map of Pakistan which shows Kashmir as part of Pakistan. Everybody knew that it will annoy India. And India was waiting for a reason to cancel the invite.

India made it an issue as per the plan and cancelled the invitation itself. Win win for both India and Pakistan.

This is one more reason to believe that Diplomats are smarter than rest of us most of the time.

So now we have learnt the trick. Now if you are in such situation, you can apply the same trick.

Published by Shailendra Ahir

Programmer, Author

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