College project started

As part of MTech Sem 2 I will have to submit a programing project (a minor one), So I have started working on it.

Because If I will delay the development of this one, I will not have any time left for other activities in that period of time.

I am creating a portal that can send notifications to the receivers. It can store a message and then send it to predefined single user or user lists via SMS, email, push notification (Mobile app), Browser notifications.

This project is coming out really well and can be utilized by my university department to communicate with students, or to manage email campaigns, marketing campaigns etc.

Right now the repository is private, Once I submit the project in college, I will make the repository publicly visible.

If you are interested and want to join me in the development of this project, please use contact form of this website and send a message to me, I will contact you.

Published by Shailendra Ahir

Programmer, Author

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